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select3/5/2015Heathcare Coalition - District VIMeridianMSHCC-D6-Y15HCC-D6-Y15
select3/10/2015Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP)RaymondMS150310T11150310T11
select3/12/2015Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP)RaymondMS150312T13150312T13
select3/18/2015HR Spring Meeting - Pay or Play Put Up or Shut UpMadisonMS150318150318
select4/1/20157th Annual HEALTH LAW ConferenceMadisonMS150401150401
select4/7/2015PRESIDENTS COUNCIL BOOK CLUB: Book #10  15PRES1015PRES10
select4/8/2015Managing Managed Care  150408150408
select4/9/2015WMD Radiological/Nuclear Awareness CourseVicksburgMS150409A150409A
select4/14/2015Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional (CHEP)PearlMS150414T15150414T15
select4/16/2015Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP)PearlMS150416T17150416T17
select4/23/2015ICD-10 CM and ICD-10 PCS Coding Assessment  150423150423
select4/24/2015Risk Management Tune-Up  150424150424
select4/28/2015Hospital Case Management  150428T30150428T30
select5/7/2015Healthcare Engineers & Facility Managers Educational Session  150507T08150507T08
select5/12/2015Psychiatric CodingMadisonMS150512150512
select5/19/2015Healthcare Quality Educational Session  150519150519
select5/20/2015Value Based Purchasing  150520150520
select5/21/2015Delta Council Meeting  D_C052115D_C052115
select6/11/201584th Annual Leadership ConferencePoint ClearAL150609T12150609T12
select6/11/2015PRESIDENTS COUNCIL BOOK CLUB: Book #10  15PRES1115PRES11
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