What is IntelliTrue and How Does it Work?

IntelliTrue is a cloud based Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform designed to support MHA's members, providers, and most importantly, the patients of Mississippi. The Mississippi Hospital Association and Care Continuity, Inc. have partnered to launch this new ADT/HIE which will activate the Delivery Network across the State of Mississippi.
Starting with ADT Notifications and adding Clinical Charts, IntelliTrue is the foundational platform to support the journey from Fee for Service to Value Based Care, serving as the State's HIE.
Current State:
Physical Delivery Network 
Individual network participants each with their own EHR / EMR and reliant on ad hoc communications and patient self-navigation to connect the dots
Level 1:
ADT Notifications Engine
Real time patient status notifications based on ADTs to members of the patient centered care team. Each physician/care team member can customize notifications received to fit workflow
Level 2:
Clinical Documents Exchange
EMR/EHR integration layer with proactive chart provisioning to members of the patient centered care team

Independent physicians may sign up for services by contacting the hospital(s) with which they have privileges or emailing [email protected]g

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