Delta Health System CEO Working to Enhance Childhood Education

Iris Stacker, Delta Health System Chief Executive Officer is a member of ReadyNation Mississippi’s senior business council. The Early Childhood Investment Council (ECIC) met last month for their 4th Annual Convening along with other leaders and board members throughout the state to discuss the pre-K tax credit, brain development in young children, and how businesses can help improve positive outcomes for kids. Their mission is to help Mississippi’s children succeed, especially those who are most vulnerable.  

“As a board member of this talented statewide collective, my goal is to showcase the extreme need of expanding services for our youngest to ensure that their future is brighter through education and skill building programs.  I will be working hard to advance initiatives throughout Washington County,” said Stacker.

“Business leaders are the best champions for young children in the state of MS, they recognize the value of a high-quality early childhood education for future work for success.”