St. Dominic's Celebrates Team Member Milestone Anniversaries

St. Dominic's proudly celebrated the dedication and outstanding contributions of 315 team members across our ministry, including St. Catherine's Village and clinic locations, at a special awards reception and banquet held recently.

These annual service awards events recognize the unwavering dedication of team members and their service to the ministry. St. Dominic’s prioritizes the healthcare we provide and the well-being of those who provide it.  

During the events, St. Dominic’s honored team members who have reached milestone years of service, which combine for more than 3,560 years of exemplary service, outstanding leadership and a profound commitment to the well-being of our community. These healthcare heroes are the heart and soul of our organization, and their dedication continues to inspire all of us. 
One exemplary team member, Ellen King, RN, is celebrating 40 years of remarkable service with St. Dominic’s this year. For Ellen King, RN, St. Dominic Hospital has been a second home. She feels blessed to have worked there for 40 years.  

A lot has changed at St. Dominic’s since 1983, the year King started working as a young nurse. While she can’t quite remember her first day, the feeling of friendliness, encouragement and helpfulness she experienced has stuck with her, 40 years later.   

Today, King works as a registered nurse in the hospital’s patient assignment center. She feels blessed to have experienced all the ways St. Dominic’s has grown through the years.  
“There have been so many technological advances in healthcare leading to shorter recovery times for patients,” she says. King has seen procedures that once required a week-long stay in the hospital become outpatient procedures as technology and practices advance. She’s grateful to be a part of the evolution.  

King has enjoyed her career as a nurse and says she has wanted to practice nursing for as long as she can remember. Caring for patients and seeing them thrive is at the heart of why she chose her career in nursing.  

“I really enjoy interacting with the patients and seeing them improve and be able to go home,” she says. She has served in various nursing roles, including at the bedside, where she got to interact very closely with patients. Working for a dynamic hospital and system has allowed her to find her perfect fit in the field of nursing.  

St. Dominic’s remains steadfast in its mission to create a Spirit of Healing and extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to those most in need. We are immensely proud of our team members and applaud them for their ongoing service.