Tornado Relief: How to Help Hospital Employees

Many have tried to describe the devastation left in the wake of the recent Mississippi tornado, but no matter what words are used, they simply don’t seem to be enough. The National Weather Service estimates the storm lasted more than an hour and traveled over 59 miles. The pain and heartache have been acutely felt by the hospital family in Mississippi. Not only were hospital employees faced with the daunting task of triaging and treating patients and comforting family members who feared the worst, but they also experienced their own grief and hardships.

While we don’t have an exact count yet, we know that hospital employees were directly affected by the tornado that swept through Rolling Fork and surrounding areas and killed 25 people. Sharkey-Issaquena Community Hospital in Rolling Fork is still closed. The homes of hospital employees were destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Many others lost family members and close friends.

The MHA Cares Fund, created in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, aids our family of hospital employees who desperately need our help when they need our help. One hundred percent of the funds raised through this effort will be distributed to hospital employees in the affected areas. Contributions are tax-deductible, and an acknowledgment letter will be sent for tax purposes.

We have seen an outpouring of support from around the nation for all the victims of the recent tornado, but what people need most after a catastrophic loss is money. Please consider donating online today to help hospital employees get back on their feet. You can donate by mail or online.

One way to help today is to share this information with any contacts that you think may want to help too! Copy and paste the image below to donate through PayPal or share the PDF donation form. The form can be mailed to [email protected]

Donate 100% of your help to

Email: [email protected]



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MHA Cares Fund was first created by the Mississippi Hospital Association to help hospital employees impacted by Hurricane Katrina.  The MHA Cares Fund is designed to assist hospital employees affected by natural or other disasters.  The Fund is administered by the MHA Health, Research and Educational Foundation and 100% of all contributions go directly to hospital employees.  Not one penny is spent on administration and all contributions are tax deductible.

 Please consider donating online today to help hospital employees get back on their feet.

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