What is Rural Hospital alliance?

The Delta Rural Health Network was established in 1996 by 13 administrators of small, acute care hospitals located in or near the Mississippi Delta.  The hospitals shared a common vision to keep healthcare decisions local, improve access to healthcare services, and insure the survivability of the hospitals and their affiliated providers.  Delta Rural Health Network continues to exist as a venue for the member hospitals to receive grants and stipends.  

The Rural Hospital Alliance was formed as a 501 (c) 3 in 2011 and DRHN membership was transferred to the new organization.  RHA continues to attract membership from rural hospitals across Mississippi and has grown to a total of 39 members in 2021.

Our Mission

The Mission of the RHA is to assist member hospitals in being successful healthcare providers in their unique rural setting by helping them to achieve collectively what they could not achieve individually, in the areas of:

  1. Sharing ideas that can contribute to more effective management of member hospitals;
  2. Using the purchasing power of a network for the benefit of member hospitals;
  3. Providing a venue through which member hospitals can band together to promote their common goals and agenda.
  4. Work together with one united voice to promote advocacy with both federal and state legislation to maintain and improve rural healthcare. 

While networking is considered one of the primary benefits of this organization, the programs and services available to members are also very important and continue to evolve as the needs of the organization and membership evolves with the ever-changing healthcare delivery environment.

MHA has a contractual agreement with Rural Hospital Alliance to provide management and administrative services to RHA. All of the RHA members are also members of MHA. 



Mississippi Rural Hospital Alliance Sponsorship OPPORTUNITY

The Mississippi Rural Hospital Alliance sponsorship program is designed to provide sponsors with maximum exposure and interaction with member hospitals and healthcare providers.